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Transparency within 24 Hours*

With RISSA QuickCheck you can get an overview of the status of your Industrial Control System (ICS) in no time. We analyze your logging of your ICS data communication for processes that indicate security or stability issues, and provide you a summarized report. This service is non-binding and free of charge.

The short analysis will help you:

  • to assess the security and efficiency of your ICS;
  • to check for risks in your ICS;
  • to decide on further measures to secure and improve your ICS.

*Applies to consecutive working days. The processing time of this service may vary depending on the demand.

How to get your RISSA QuickCheck

RISSA QuickCheck: Assess your ICS for vulnerabilities and efficiency gaps for free

Free of charge and non-binding

How does a RISSA QuickCheck Report look like?

Let us convince you with an example of a report from our cost-free service.

Do you need a detailed analysis of your data communication?

RISSA QuickCheck is a short analysis of your ICS communication logging. This analysis is a snapshot and does not claim to be exhaustive. For a detailed long-term evaluation we recommend a Rhebo - Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit.