Rhebo IIoT Security

Intrusion detection and prevention for manufacturers and operators of critical IIoT assets

Endpoint Detection & Response For Global IIoT Security

Combining powerful communication monitoring with anomaly detection and intrusion prevention, Rhebo IIoT Security establishes visibility and cybersecurity in high-value distributed IIoT networks. It provides all functionalities to stop attacks right at the start and to detect threats before operational failure occurs.

Rhebo IIoT Security enables manufacturers and operators to secure their critical IIoT assets and networks, ensure security compliance and save downtime money.

Rhebo fully supports companies along the industrial cybersecurity lifecycle from the initial risk analysis and solution tailoring to the managed IIoT security monitoring.

Tailored IIoT Cybersecurity

  • Rhebo supports

    ... industrial companies in saving millions in security compliance fees and downtime money.

  • Rhebo enables

    ... the fast ramp-up from 10,000 to 100,000 devices and more with a highly scalable IIoT security solution.

  • Rhebo ensures

    ... a cost-efficient roll-out and update deployment without the need of local engineering or maintenance teams.

What out customers say

Our energy storage systems have very specific communication patterns. When selecting the solution, it was therefore particularly important to us that monitoring and security automation are specifically tailored to our devices and can be expanded at any time. Because both our technology and the threat landscape are constantly evolving.
Daniel Ackermann, sonnen Leader Software Development Team
The sonnen Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent electricity storage systems and a pioneer in technologies for a clean, decentralised and connected energy system.

Rhebo - (II)OT Security Made Simple

  • Security against prevailing vulnerabilities

    … through recurrent IIoT cyber risk analysis and maturity assessments.

  • Security against known and novel cyberattacks

    … through IIoT Intrusion Detection & Prevention System combining monitoring, asset discovery, threat detection and security automation.

  • End-2-end security

    … through anomaly detection to prevent threat propagation across OT, IIoT and Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

  • (II)OT security made simple

    … through IIoT-focused analysis and intelligent event visualization as well as automated blocking of documented attack vectors.

  • Securing actionability

    ... through Rhebo expert support for risk analysis, operations and forensic analysis.

  • System security

    ...through flexible and cost-efficient integration and maintenance of Rhebo IIoT Security through containerized software.

  • Security against unpredictable TCO

    ... through simple license schemes and easy, low-footprint installations.

  • Securing compliance

    ... through monitoring and IDPS solution based on national and international security laws and standards.

  • Security of trust Made in Germany

    ... compliant with European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) and GDPR.

The cybersecurity of our energy storage systems provides safety for our customers worldwide.
Daniel Ackermann, sonnen Leader Software Development Team
The sonnen Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent electricity storage systems and a pioneer in technologies for a clean, decentralised and connected energy system.

Simple & Effective: 3 Steps To Uncompromising IIoT Security

Step 1: Risk Analysis of IIoT assets and networks

Cybersecurity starts with visibility. The Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment creates a profound understanding of your IIoT assets, communication structure and risk exposure. Depending on your requirements the step includes a risk exposure assessment of the IIoT assets and the control platform via communication monitoring as well as a pentest of selected IIoT devices. → To the Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment

Step 2: IIoT Intrusion Detection & Prevention

The seamless transition to continuous monitoring & early intrusion detection. The Rhebo IIoT Security solution Rhebo Industrial Protector for endpoints is an industrial security monitoring system with integrated intrusion detection, threat detection and prevention. It runs directly on your IIoT assets and detects all communication anomalies. According to your individual security policies anomalies are either actively blocked on the affected device or reported to the control center for further assessment. → Explore Rhebo Industrial Protector

Step 3: Managed Detection & Response

The recipe to peace of mind: We monitor so you don’t have to. With Rhebo Managed Protection you can rely on Rhebo experts to support you in operating the IIoT security monitoring with anomaly detection and intrusion prevention, in particular in evaluating and responding to incidents, as well as continuously reviewing and improving mitigation mechanisms. → Visit the Rhebo Managed Protection



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