Beverage and Food Production

»Protect ICS ‒ Prevent production disruptions ‒ Reduce costs«
  • Monitor ICS Communication

  • Prevent Unplanned Downtimes

  • Fight Off Cyberattacks and Manipulation

Unplanned Downtimes & High Recovery Costs

Challenges for the Food & Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, unplanned downtimes do not only mean financial losses due to production shutdown. The time-consuming cleaning, testing and restarting of the plant also leads to considerable costs. Extreme operating conditions additionally increase the risk of corrosion and unplanned downtimes.

Moreover, the networking of IT, OT and production equipment into cyberphysical systems increases the risk of data theft, process manipulation and sabotage. Besides spillover effects such as experienced by Mondelez (2017) and Arizona Beverages (2019), advanced persistent threats with frequently unknown attack signatures are on the rise.

Detecting disruptive events in the ICS

The Solution: Gain Full Visibility Of Your ICS

Unplanned downtimes can only be prevented by those who are informed of potential events before the malfunction occurs. In highly automated productions, a malfunction − whether due to cyberattack or a technical error condition − often appears in the control communication.

Operators of industrial control systems in the food and beverage industry must therefore be informed immediately of any changes in the ICS-communication. The monitoring of all communication processes by means of Rhebo's industrial network monitoring with anomaly detection ensures that every suspicious process within the ICS is reported. This means that even covert attacks and error conditions are detected in real-time.

Operators can thus react actively to risks, locate and eliminate problems faster and avoid unplanned downtimes.

Implementing Security Standard IEC 62443

Learn how ICS monitoring provides industrial security
  • Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness

    … by inventorising all assets, communication processes as well as early notification of technical error conditions.

  • Increase Cyber Security in Production

    … by consistent reporting of cyber attacks and critical communication changes.

  • Quickly Locate and Fix Problems

    … through event logs including forensic data as well as easy integration with existing monitoring infrastructure.

Detect ICS anomalies in real-time

Averting Risk and Securing Stability

Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors, analyzes and visualizes non-intrusively all assets and the complete data traffic within your ICS. In real-time, the anomaly detection reports any communication of:

  • communication errors
  • overload conditions or other network error states
  • known and unknown cyberattacks;
  • internal sabotage and manipulation;

The specific protocol types used in the pharma and chemical industry such as EtherCAT, S7 and their variants are fully supported.


You always have full clarity about potentially harmful or disruptive communication in the ICS. You can react immediately to potential disturbances before OEE and productivity are affected.

3 pasos para la detección de intrusos en su OT

  • Paso 1: Análisis de riesgos


    Establezca la visibilidad e identifique los riesgos y vulnerabilidades existentes con la Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment



  • Paso 2: Detección de intrusiones


    Integre un IDS industrial con supervisión de OT y detección de anomalías con Rhebo Industrial Protector



  • Paso 3: Asistencia y apoyo


    Reduzca la brecha de recursos de seguridad OT y aproveche la larga experiencia de nuestra empresa en el sector energético con Rhebo Managed Protection




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