Pharma, Chemical and Process Industry

»Protect ICS ‒ Prevent process disruptions ‒ Ensure quality«
  • Monitor OT & ICS Communication

  • Reduce Spionage & Cyberattacks

  • Increase Process Stability

Process Disruptions & Cyber Risks

Challenges for the Pharma & Chemical Industry

Product quality and process stability depend on the error-free functioning of highly automated and networked individual processes. Small malfunctions in pharma and chemical industry facilities inevitably lead to disruptions, quality problems and unplanned downtimes.

Cyber attacks and technical error states endanger the flawless functioning of Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Firewalls lack a view into the ICS in order to detect all changes completely. This puts process stability and product quality at risk.

Stability and Quality Through Transparency

The Solution: Gain Digital Visibility Into Your ICS

Operators of Industrial Control Systems in the chemical industry must be notified immediately of any changes in their control system that endanger running processes.

The monitoring of all communication processes using industrial anomaly detection guarantees the notification of every suspicious process within the ICS. This means that even concealed attacks and even the smallest error states can be detected in real-time and eliminated immediately.

  • Reduce Risks for Productivity

    Rhebo Industrial Protector supports real-time processes and creates network transparency for stable manufacturing.

  • Minimize Downtimes

    Rhebo Industrial Protector reports in real-time any anomaly in the ICS communication that can lead to malfunctions or downtime.

  • Support Improvement Processes

    Rhebo Industrial Protector provides conclusive information on ICS quality to support the continuous improvement process.

Detect ICS anomalies in real-time

Averting Risk and Securing Stability

Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors, analyzes and visualizes non-intrusively all assets and the complete data traffic within your ICS. In real-time, the anomaly detection reports any communication of:

  • communication errors
  • overload conditions or other network error states
  • known and unknown cyberattacks;
  • internal sabotage and manipulation;

The specific protocol types used in the pharma and chemical industry such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, S7 and their variants are fully supported.


You always have full clarity about potentially harmful or disruptive communication in the ICS. You can react immediately to potential disturbances before OEE and productivity are affected.

3 pasos para la detección de intrusos en su OT

  • Paso 1: Análisis de riesgos


    Establezca la visibilidad e identifique los riesgos y vulnerabilidades existentes con la Rhebo Industrial Security Assessment



  • Paso 2: Detección de intrusiones


    Integre un IDS industrial con supervisión de OT y detección de anomalías con Rhebo Industrial Protector



  • Paso 3: Asistencia y apoyo


    Reduzca la brecha de recursos de seguridad OT y aproveche la larga experiencia de nuestra empresa en el sector energético con Rhebo Managed Protection