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Big Data & IoT Innovation Conference | June, 29. + 30.

“IT & Cybersecurity Insights, Resources & Best Practices”

We are living in a digital world and due to COVID-19, a pandemic lot of businesses shifted to online platforms that increase the risk of cyber threats and loss of Information. This two-day conference on 29th-30th June 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden is a gathering of industry experts, leading policymakers, and cybersecurity experts from the IT and cybersecurity Industry who will meet to exchange their thoughts on new market trends, digital technologies, highlight the latest challenges and their solutions.

Conference focus areas:

Sales Manager Richard Stüber will give a presentation on the topic: "Supply Security 4.0: End-to-end cybersecurity from the control room to the substation to the smart meter" . Location and time are not yet fixed - but will be announced shortly.


The IT & Cybersecurity Intelligence Conference, 2022:

Date June, 29-30
Place Stockholm, Sweden 


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About Richard Stüber

As Sales Manager of Rhebo GmbH, Richard Stüber is responsible for consulting and supporting new and existing customers from the energy, critical infrastructure and industrial automation sectors. The qualified IT specialist for system integration was able to gain valuable experience in the last 3 years on the topics of cybersecurity, threat detection and network stability in industry and IoT and deepen his industry knowledge. Mr. Stüber studied Business Informatics at the University of Leipzig and graduated with a Master of Science in 2018.