Blackout 4.0 Conference| June 20-21, Cologne

A functioning supply network is existential and a failures of the network hardly imaginable. The topic of blackout is intensely discuss and more urgent than ever: grid stability is no longer systemically immanent! It is more and more impossible to look at the pure network activity with simple measures.

Blackouts are not only a »technical accident«. Additionally, they also have the large consequences: Not only the actual power failure is problematic, the entire (waste) water and gas supply can collapse. All network operators, and especially municipal utilities, must disassemble as part of their network responsibility.

In the meantime, cyberattacks become increasingly important: as a result of the following networking of the systems, the possibility of a hacker attack becomes ever more real. Even today, critical infrastructure for criminals is an easy target. It's also important to identify identify and avoid critical states.