Efficient cybersecurity of critical infrastructure networks at E-World trade fair

, Essen/Leipzig
  • At the 2018 E-World trade fair in Essen, Germany, Rhebo introduces its new generation of automatic anomaly detection for telecontrol systems and ICS
  • Rhebo Industrial Protector 2.0 ensures the efficient management of anomalies featuring risk scoring, enhanced filter options as well as full big data integration
  • At the E-World Bitkom Innovation Forum Dr. Frank Stummer of Rhebo speaks about solutions addressing the cybersecurity challenges of »Big Data and Flexibility Management in the Smart City«


Leipzig / Essen, Germany, January 23, 2018 - This year’s E-World trade fair, which takes place from February 6 to 8, 2018 in Essen, Germany, will be all about the »Smart City«. Focal points in this future field are integrative solutions, innovations and smart concepts. In addition to the implementation of big data strategies, the vision of a smart city characterized by decentralized supply and remote control is decisively determined by aspects of cybersecurity and a dysfunction-free network operation.


Effective management and security of Industrial networks with Rhebo Industrial Protector 2.0

Rhebo addresses the challenges of an effective defense-in-depth strategy with the advancement of its automatic anomaly detection as the main feature of Rhebo Industrial Protector. The monitoring solution comprehensively monitors telecontrol systems and industrial control networks and secures them against cyber-attacks, manipulation, sabotage and operational disruptions. With the further development, Rhebo Industrial Protector 2.0 ensures full data integration and simplifies the management of anomalies and threats. In doing so, Rhebo is responding to specific requirements resulting from discussions and projects with operators of critical infrastructures and the automation industry. Hence, network administrators are supported even more comprehensively in their effective management of anomalies in their telecontrol network with the new functions of Rhebo Industrial Protector 2.0. This further strengthens the security, stability and compliance of their telecontrol systems and processes.


Big data and flexibility management in the smart city

For the first time at the E-World trade fair, innovative startups will be brought together with established companies at the Bitkom Innovation Forum to discuss the »Energy Transition in the Smart City«. In this new forum, companies pitch their most pressing challenges and start-ups respond with innovative solutions. As part of the Innovation Forum Dr. Frank Stummer, responsible for Business Development at Rhebo, will be addressing the challenges of »Big Data and Flexibility Management in the Smart City«.

»Cybersecurity and dysfunction-free telecontrol systems are the cornerstones for the security of energy supply in the relatively open infrastructure of a smart city«, Frank Stummer warns. »Therefore, it is even more crucial for developers of smart city concepts and operators of telecontrol systems to always be aware of all processes in their networks, to be able to react effectively to any kind of interference or dysfunction, and to process the data intelligently ‒ for reasons of safety and costs.«


Rhebo at E-World

We invite you to visit us at the E-World trade fair in hall 7, booth 716.

Or discuss your challenges with us at the Bitkom Innovation Forum: February 6, 3 pm »Big Data and Flexibility Management in the Smart City«.


About Rhebo

Rhebo is a German technology company that is specialized in ensuring the operational reliability of industrial control systems by monitoring control communications. Rhebo provides hardware, software and services to secure networked industrial control systems and Critical Infrastructures as well as to increase productivity.

Rhebo is listed as one of the 30 top providers for industrial security in Gartner’s »Market Guide for Operational Technology Security 2017«. The company is member of Teletrust – IT Security Association Germany.

Its founders, Klaus Mochalski (CEO), Martin Menschner (CTO) and Dr. Frank Stummer (Business Development), each have more than 10 years of experience in the development and marketing of network management and IT security technologies.



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