Rhebo and r-tec join forces to fight industrial cybercrime

Press Release r-tec Rhebo
  • German IT security specialists Rhebo and r-tec sign cooperation agreement
  • The collaboration offers industrial companies comprehensive threat intelligence solutions
  • The goal is the early detection of threats in industrial networks

Leipzig / Wuppertal, Germany, June 18, 2019 – Fighting cybercrime together: Rhebo GmbH has signed a cooperation agreement with r-tec IT Security GmbH. The two technology companies are joining forces in the field of industrial cyber security network monitoring to provide comprehensive protection for industrial and critical infrastructure (KRITIS) companies against cyber attacks.

»In the light of ever new and increasingly complex cyber threats, classic security products such as firewalls, content or virus filters are no longer sufficient to protect corporate networks from attackers,« says Dr. Stefan Rummenhöller, Managing Director of r-tec, the Wuppertal-based cyber security specialist. To guarantee cyber security, it is crucial to know about changes in the communication patterns in the networks in a timely manner in order to detect, evaluate and specifically combat new malware and its attack patterns as quickly as possible. »In cooperation with Rhebo, we can now provide our customers with comprehensive threat intelligence solutions. With a combination of prevention, monitoring and response, these enable holistic protection against cyber threats.«

Detecting Attacks in Real-Time

Rhebo supports the Cyber Security specialist r-tec with a detailed monitoring of communication traffic in industrial networks. The monitoring and analysis of data communication in control systems ensures security and availability of industrial networks in production as well as critical infrastructure companies. »Whether a cyber attack, exploitation of a vulnerability, internal manipulation by employees or technical errors: every threat to security and stability is reflected in a communication change in the control system,« says Klaus Mochalski, Managing Director of Rhebo GmbH. In order to detect these, network monitoring must provide an inside view of the communication, because often the threats are not visible at the network borders or they can penetrate them unhindered. »This applies in particular to complex attacks using phishing. Or spillover effects, which have increasingly paralyzed production infrastructures over the past year. With this internal view and a communication analysis down to the content level, such processes are detected immediately,« explains Mochalski. Rhebo's network monitoring with anomaly detection reports and documents any deviation from the expected communication pattern in real-time.

Critical incidents such as malware communication, unusual or modified data packets, unknown network participants, new or insecure connections can be detected just as easily as network problems and system errors. In this way, threats and communication patterns become visible that have been previously unknown or are acting insidiously.

Holistic Threat Intelligence for Rapid Mitigation

»To enable operators and in-house security experts to better assess the impact of an anomaly on their systems and react adequately to it, we support customers in the classification, prioritization and evaluation of anomaly data and initiate the necessary measures immediately in the event of an attack,« emphasizes Dr. Rummenhöller. The use of an industry-specific Information Security Management System (ISMS) usually forms the basis for decision-making and the derivation of measures.

»With Rhebo, we are pleased to have found a partner who excellently complements our portfolio with its innovative solutions,« summarizes Rummenhöller. »The cooperation will ultimately enable us to offer a holistic threat intelligence concept that minimizes the risk of cyber attacks as far as possible.«


About r-tec IT Security GmbH

r-tec IT Security has been specializing in cyber security for 20 years. The protection against cyber risks and the development of suitable security standards stand in the foreground.

r-tec is one of the most renowned IT security service providers in Germany. Banks and insurance companies, energy suppliers, federal and state authorities as well as leading companies from the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical and electrical industries trust in the services of the IT security specialist from Wuppertal. https://www.r-tec.net


About Rhebo

Rhebo is a German company that specializes in the reliability and resilience of industrial and critical infrastructure companies. With its solutions and services, Rhebo monitors all data communication within industrial control systems (ICS), and reliably reports attacks, vulnerabilities as well as technical error states. Thus, Rhebo supports operators of ICS to increase cyber security, productivity and availability of their systems and plants, and to safeguard the digital transformation of their processes.

In this role, the company is actively involved in the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the Teletrust - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and the Bitkom Security Management Working Group to develop standards and technical guidance. https://rhebo.com

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