Rhebo Anomaly Detection Secures Energy Supplier EWR Netz

EWR Netze Rhebo Success Story
  • Rhebo ICS monitoring with anomaly detection secures stability and cybersecurity of energy provider EWR Netz
  • Anomaly detection monitors industrial control system and identifies novel attack patterns
  • Newly published Success Story explains project results in detail 

Leipzig / Germany, June 23, 2020 – EWR Netz GmbH is the next German energy supply company to secure its industrial control system (ICS) against cyberattacks with Rhebo solutions. In 2018/2019, the energy and water supply company from Worms, Germany had modernised its entire ICS as the foundation for its strategy of a modern, digital and regenerative energy supply. The new system for controlling the energy supply of 230,000 customers was then analysed for vulnerabilities by Rhebo and its partner company Corning Services. Since then, EWR Netz GmbH has firmly integrated the ICS monitoring solution Rhebo Industrial Protector into its security architecture.

»The Rhebo ICS monitoring provides us with specific support in monitoring remote maintenance and network access points«, Rainer Fuhrmann, Head of I&C Systems at EWR Netz GmbH, explains the decision. »It helps us detect defects and anomalies in the ICS before disruptions occur in our energy or water supply.«

Rhebo Industrial Protector is an embedded ICS monitoring system with anomaly detection that continuously monitors the communication within the ICS. Every data packet exchanged between the plants is analysed down to the value level and compared with the expected communication pattern. Anomalies, e.g. in the form of a new connection or changed commands, are reported in real-time with all details. The control room can thus react immediately to changes, threats and technical error states. The I&C Systems team at EWR Netz GmbH benefits from complete transparency, seamless monitoring, real-time alerting and the stable operation of its ICS. 

As of today, over 30 percent of Germany's energy supply is protected against cyberattacks and technical error states by solutions from Rhebo. Besides EWR Netz GmbH, customers include Stromnetz Hamburg, Mitnetz Strom, BayWa r.e., Netz Leipzig and e-netz Südhessen.

Read all details to the success story under: https://rhebo.com/en/download/file/success-story-ewr-netz-gmbh/.

About Rhebo

Rhebo is the only vendor-independent provider of industrial monitoring solutions ensuring both cybersecurity and stability of ICS and IoT infrastructures. The German company’s solutions monitor all communication within the ICS and on distributed critical IoT devices. Any attacks, vulnerabilities as well as technical error states are reported in real-time. Thus, Rhebo vendor-neutrally supports  industrial, energy and water companies to increase cybersecurity, productivity and availability of their systems and plants to safeguard their digital transformation. 

In this role, the company is partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), is actively developing standards and technical guidance in the Teletrust - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and the Bitkom Security Management Working Group.

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