Rhebo Secures Energy Supply at German Company e-netz Against Cyberattacks

e-netz Rhebo Success Story Cyber Security
  • Energy and gas supplier integrates Rhebo ICS monitoring with anomaly detection in its infrastructure
  • Rhebo supports operational cybersecurity with expertise at incidents
  • Success story summarises findings and project

Leipzig/Darmstadt, Germany, August 20, 2020 − Rhebo has become an integral part of the German energy supply. Since 2019, the expert solutions for industrial cybersecurity and stability have also been securing the industrial automation and control system (IACS) at the Darmstadt energy supplier e-netz Südhessen AG. In terms of area coverage, Rhebo thus already protects over a third of the energy supply in Germany against cyberattacks. 

E-netz Südhessen AG reliably supplies, as the distribution network operator of Entega AG, around one million people in 63 municipalities in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region with electricity and gas. The energy and infrastructure service provider works actively for a sustainable, future-oriented energy supply, in which quality and environmental management as well as digitalization and cybersecurity are firmly anchored. The company therefore implemented a certified information security management system (ISMS) based on the recommendations of German BDEW as early as 2012.

With the ICS monitoring and anomaly detection from Rhebo, e-netz Südhessen is now following the latest recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). At the beginning of 2019, the German Federal Office had recommended ICS monitoring with anomaly detection in connected industrial plants.

»With Rhebo we can actively make sure that our Industrial Automation & Control System (IACS) is stable and secure«, Sven Hanemann, IT Security manager at e-netz Südhessen AG, explains his decision. »Rhebo provides the detailed visibility into our IACS to rapidly identify and mitigate novel attacks and misconfigurations that have been invisible to us in the past.«

Industrial Cybersecurity in 3 Steps

The project at e-netz Südhessen AG took place in three stages. In the first step, Rhebo carried out a detailed risk analysis of the IACS as part of a Rhebo Industry 4.0 Stability and Security Audit. The security experts at Rhebo found that the infrastructure was well managed and secured as expected. During the audit, various use cases for the expansion of the infrastructure were also tested. For example, the connection of a new transformer station and its impact on cybersecurity and process stability were evaluated. The ICS monitoring solution with anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector was used.

In the second step, the solution was integrated into the infrastructure and put into operation. In this way, Rhebo ensures a continuous monitoring of the communication in e-netz Südhessen's IACS, as well as the reporting of any anomalies that indicate security incidents or technical error states.

In the third step, Rhebo and e-netz Südhessen entered into a ReadyNow service level agreement that guarantees e-netz Südhessen repeated audits and expert support for forensic analyses of critical incidents.

With Rhebo's IACS monitoring and anomaly detection, e-netz Südhessen AG established complete transparency in its infrastructure, strengthened cybersecurity and process stability and further optimised its ISMS.

The complete success story can be downloaded under https://rhebo.com/en/download/file/success-story-e-netz-suedhessen-ag/.

About Rhebo

Rhebo is the only vendor-independent provider of industrial monitoring solutions ensuring both cybersecurity and stability of ICS and IoT infrastructures. The German company’s solutions monitor all communication within the ICS and on distributed critical IoT devices. Any attacks, vulnerabilities as well as technical error states are reported in real-time. Thus, Rhebo vendor-neutrally supports  industrial, energy and water companies to increase cybersecurity, productivity and availability of their systems and plants to safeguard their digital transformation. 

In this role, the company is partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), is actively developing standards and technical guidance in the Teletrust - Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and the Bitkom Security Management Working Group.

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