Rhebo wins German sports car manufacturer as customer

, Leipzig

Leipzig, June 27, 2018 - With a sports car manufacturer from Saxony, the German technology company Rhebo has won another user from the automotive industry for its »Industrial Network Continuity« solution Rhebo Industrial Protector. The company will carry out a Stability and Security Audit in the customer's Industrial Control Systems (ICS) as a first step. The industrial anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector is subsequently integrated into the production lines for continuous network condition monitoring. The sports car manufacturer is the second German car manufacturer having its ICS monitored and secured by the industrial anomaly detection.

The anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors ICS at all levels and provides complete visibility over devices, users and communication processes. Unknown and suspicious processes are detected as anomalies, classified with a risk score and reported to the operators in real-time. The solution thus creates complete digital transparency of all processes in the ICS in order to increase both cyber security and system availability in the networked production lines.

In addition to the challenge of complete cyber security, the avoidance of technical error states within increasingly complex ICS is a decisive aspect in the successful implementation of the IIoT. Securing real-time processes and maximum plant availability ensure continuity and cost efficiency in the company.


About Rhebo

Rhebo is a German technology company that is specialized in ensuring the operational reliability of industrial control systems by monitoring control communications. Rhebo provides hardware, software and services to secure networked industrial control systems and Critical Infrastructures as well as to increase productivity. Rhebo is listed as one of the 30 top providers for industrial security in Gartner’s »Market Guide for Operational Technology Security 2017«. The company is member of Teletrust – IT Security Association Germany.


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