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Webcast: »Bayern Innovativ & Syskron: Anomaly detection in industry & critical infrastructures« | Tuesday, June 1

The increasing networking and complexity of industries and critical infrastructures leads to increased challenges in terms of availability and security against attacks from outside and inside. The IT Security Act places significantly increased demands on operators. The lecture deals with the so-called "Defense in Depth" principle and shows how various measures can contribute to a higher availability and security. Monitoring as a measure is examined in more detail. Examples are of possible anomalies that threaten availability and security, and how those responsible react appropriately.

The increasing number of successful attacks and security incidents in the industry proves that cybersecurity in production facilities must urgently be seen as an issue of daily operation. Syskron GmbH does not stop at providing advice on all security issues; as a subsidiary of Krones AG, it operates the permanent monitoring of production facilities in the beverage industry with its own Security Operations Center. In this contribution, the experiences from this daily security operation, especially for production plants, are to be shared and discussed with the participants.


The webinar will be conducted by Bayern Innovativ:

Date Tuseday, June 2
Time 08:30 - 09:30 a.m.
Location virtual at Bayern Innovativ


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Please notice: The Webcast will be held in German language


About Klaus Mochalski

Klaus Mochalski is CEO of Rhebo and has over twelve years of experience in the development and marketing of technologies for network management and security. Previously, he was active in research and education at international universities.

About Stefan Gallenberger

Stefan Gallenberger has been part of the Syskron Security team since 2018, in the area of IT security for production systems. He has been dealing with topics such as industrial data communication, IT security and secure remote access to production facilities for around 20 years. In the Syskron Security team, in addition to advising customers, he is also responsible for organizing the managing security services, in particular the Security Operation Center (SOC).