Webcast: »Best Of Both Worlds: How To Integrate Anomaly Detection & CloudGen Firewalls In Your IACS« | Thursday, October 8

Webcast Rhebo and Barracuda Cyber Security

Connected systems in industrial and critical infrastructure companies require new solutions for cybersecurity and process stability of Operational Technology (OT). Due to the convergence with the enterprise IT and the use of IoT components, the risk of disruptions caused by cyberattacks grows. In addition, vendor heterogeneity increases the risk of technical error states.

The most pressing challenges remain: What does an integrative cybersecurity upgrade of your OT look like? How can you secure existing infrastructures cost-efficiently and without disruption of running processes?

Aiming for a defense-in-depth approach in accordance with IEC 62443, the combination of firewall, ICS monitoring and industrial anomaly detection forms a powerful solution to ensure comprehensive cybersecurity in industrial environments. Security that covers both, known attacks as well as novel attack patterns and technical error states..

In this hands-on webcast you will learn:

  • how you gain full visibility of your IACS - from the segment boundaries to the network and individual systems;
  • how you integrate a powerful anomaly detection with CloudGen firewall capabilities;
  • how you protect your IACS from control level to fieldbus level;
  • how you secure your IoT devices against cyberattacks, too.

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About Alexander Müller

Alexander Müller is Vice President Product Management at Rhebo and is responsible for the continuing advancement of the industrial IT security product portfolio. Before he took over responsibility for product management at Rhebo, he held leading positions at ipoque and TTE-Europe.

About Stefan Schachinger

Stefan Schachinger, MSc. is a product manager in the CloudGen Firewall Team at Barracuda Networks. In this role, he represents product development and supports customers and partners in designing security solutions in Industrial IoT and OT environments. He has been with Barracuda Networks for over 6 years and prior to moving into product management, he was a consultant and technical specialist for data protection and DSGVO. He has been involved in IT security for over 15 years and was also employed as an IT security consultant and penetration tester by a system integrator.